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Wealth Visionaries Collective


abundance & optimism

TheWealth Visionaries Collective is a privateThink Tank for fund managers, family offices, sovereign wealth funds, and other high-level capital allocators to come together and reverse engineer a more abundant and optimistic version of the future.

Imagine Explaining…

The concept of a cell phone to someone from just a few hundred years ago. Or the idea of a gym — that we have now evolved to sit around all day and spend our hard-earned dollars to engage in physical labor, in what looks like heavy machinery to work specific muscles in our body. Or that we can now control the weather, albeit only inside of the little boxes we live in (i.e., air conditioning).

If you dropped someone from 100 years ago into today’s world of technology, they would think it was magic (and, maybe a bit comical). Projecting forward with this awareness, it’s clear that the future holds incredible potential and possibilities beyond our current imagination.

At the end of the day, it comes down to this: Everything around us was once just a thought — an idea brought to life through the conviction of an entrepreneur or inventor. We look around at our world to see all the ways that what was once supposed to be science fiction, come to life. All by asking a simple question…what if?

Humanity’s 4 Minute Mile

AN audacious and fundamental reimagination of the world

The Four-Minute Mile…

A feat that runners had been chasing after for over 70 years, was thought to extend beyond what the human body was capable of. At that time, even experts believed that it would cause the heart to explode or otherwise cause the legs to collapse under the strain. It was not merely a physical challenge, but it created a psychological barrier for runners across the world.

Broken by Sir Roger Bannister on May 6, 1954, an odd phenomenon followed — that record was broken just 46 days later. Then… a year later, three runners broke the barrier… in a single race. Over the past half-century, over a thousand runners have achieved this once-impossible feat.

The phenomenon of the 4-minute mile reminds us that limitations are often self-imposed — and it’s the reminder we all need as we embark on our own individual yet oddly overlapping journeys. Exceptional creators and tinkerers don’t just exceed existing limitations – they transform the sense of what’s achievable and set the new benchmark in their fields.


With advancements in artificial intelligence, automation, renewable energy, space exploration, longevity, and more – we are on the cusp of a new era.

Our society is at a tipping point… and things could go either way. Will this be the end of humanity as we know it? Or is it just the beginning? Maybe we’re meant to die off as a species, or maybe we’re meant to live for hundreds of years through gene therapies that allow us to inhabit and explore Earth-like planets elsewhere.

Our energy future

Cleaner and greener, cutting edge renewable energy sources.

cities of the future

Resilient cities built to withstand. Rearchitecting our world.

the future of happiness

Happiness as a sophisticated science.

The future of longevity & wellness

Unlocking longer lifespans for humanity. Healthier, happier humans in harmony with nature.

Achieving Abundance at scale

Every human with their basic needs met. Food, water, and shelter for everyone.

the future of work

Balanced work as we accelerate toward the automation of intellectual labor.

the future of food

Sustainably sourced healthy, nutritious food for everyone.

the future of Ai

Democratizing intelligence for humanity’s highest endeavors.

ancient civilizations, exponential technologies, regenerative investments, and more

Crafting the future of civilization.

“As a futurist, I am not naive enough to try to predict the future. But I am bold enough to share an option of what it might look like — a mere possibility — knowing full well that we have thepower to choose.”

– Arooj Sheikh, Founder of The Wealth Visionaries Collective

Looking around at what we’ve built..

Feels like the entirety of our world, and yet the Earth is littered with the ruins of empires that believed they were eternal. We are living in what is yet another minute blip of history, in the grand scheme of things. Earth itself is a tiny blue dot — a happenstance and a wondrous world we have the rare and odd fortune to live in. And that’s why this is all so incomprehensible.

The changes that are to come are far more drastic than we can anticipate. In the same way that we might visit a foreign country and experience culture shock, the rapid changes in technology will almost certainly cause a form of “future shock” for many. The world and society are restructuring themselves at an exponential pace — and we truly have no idea what’s coming.

With the tides turning, we will experience one of the greatest wealth creation events in human history. The rise of new industries and technologies will create immense wealth for those who are involved in creating, developing, and investing in them. This is truly a once-in-human-history opportunity. What a time to be alive. What an honor to create this new kind of civilization.

On The Power of Choice…

As stewards of wealth, we are leaving legacies. Our work has the potential to outlive us by generations. Our decisions have far-reaching consequences, influencing the course of industries and societies. Embrace this power with a sense of responsibility and compassion.

Ultimately, we hope to uplift society and increase the quality of life for all. While there’s much to progress, it’s still better to be a middle class worker in today’s day and age than a king just a few hundred years ago… wouldn’t you trade living in a castle for air conditioning and a working sewer system? Maybe one day, we’ll consider today’s 50-60 hour work weeks as inhumane as the child labor conditions of the 19th century. Or come to realize that even our greatest inventions were just stepping stones to something infinitely better.

It’s time to dream big, think beyond ourselves, and come together as a community to create a more abundant and optimistic future for all. The world can still be a place where everyone has access to clean water, food, and shelter. Where poverty is a thing of the past, and sustainable practices are the norm. Where everyone can live out their full potential and contribute to society in meaningful ways.

“The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark”